Spheroids and organoids

Spheroids and organoids are 3D cell culture systems that enable researchers to study biological mechanisms in a physiological environment, by mimicking volumetric features of tissue organization both in structure and function.

With CrestOptics systems is possible to acquire 3D samples in a fast and detailed mode. Here we present our experience with spheroids and organoids, by showing images of biological samples, highlighting the peculiar features of our instruments, and collecting feedback from the scientific community.

Encapsulated spheroid
CrestOptics DeepSIM

Sample description:

The spheroid was obtained with the cellular capsule technology (alginate shell with cells growing in the center), and the encapsulated cells were HEK-293T (human embryonic kidney cells).

Here we show nuclei in white (Hoechst 405) and NLS (Nuclear Localization Signal) in magenta.

Acquisition details:

CrestOptics DeepSIM super-resolution, 20x air objective, 100 um total Z stack. A volume image and a 3D movie are shown.

Sample courtesy:

Dr Adeline Boyreau (LP2N/BiOf lab, Talence)and Dr Laetitia Andrique (VoxCell facility, Bordeaux)

Brain organoid cortical plate
CrestOptics DeepSIM

Acini-like spheroid
CrestOptics X-Light V3

Organoid ventricle-like structure
CrestOptics X-Light V3

X-Light V3

X-Light V3 spinning disk offers the possibility to perform fast (15.000 rpm) and large image acquisitions on big samples (e.g., brain organoid) with a consistent Z optical sectioning. Moreover, X-Light V3 allows high content imaging, a powerful tool enabling researcher to maximize data capture.


DeepSIM super-resolution module allows to achieve an XY resolution of ~100 nm and Z resolution up to ~ 300 nm. DeepSIM is designed to work with both high (60X – 100X) and low magnification (20x – 40x) objectives to expand the range of applications, including complex 3D models such as spheroids and organoids. DeepSIM guaranties Z optical sectioning and gives super-resolved data over 50 um Z in depth in non-clarified samples.

Lung cancer spheroid
CrestOptics X-Light V3

Human cerebral organoid
CrestOptics X-Light V3

Human brain organoid
CrestOptics X-Light V3

Human whole brain organoid
CrestOptics X-Light V3

Colon cancer organoid
CrestOptics SIM

If you want to know more about innovative 3D technologies and research on spheroids and organoids, we invite you to visit the
Organoid Spheroid web page 

Our customers say on X-Light V3 Spinning Disk

Dr. Nicola Maghelli and Dr. Gaia Pigino

“The Automated Stem Cell and Organoid Facility at Human Technopole will benefit from the high throughput and temporal resolution of CrestOptics Spinning Disk for the analysis of hundreds of large organoids (500-1000 µm-sized) a day”

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