X-Light V3

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V3 CrestOptics
V3 CrestOptics


X-Light V3 is the next generation of X-Light spinning disk confocal series.

It relies on the cutting-edge technology, advanced optical design approach and engineering solutions developed by CrestOptics to meet the very high-end specifications required by most of the modern fluorescence microscopy applications.

The spinning disk design together with the careful design of the optical layout enhances sensitivity and image clarity.

The first confocal unit which allows dual camera imaging at the full field of view of 25 mm on both cameras.

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X-Light Spinning Disk

The 50 um spinning disk is available in two different versions: standard spacing and larger spacing.

Standard X-Light spinning disk is the excellent compromise between brightness, confocality and image quality. The version with larger spacing has been designed to enhance even more the image quality and sectioning in thicker specimens thanks to the large reduction of crosstalk between pinholes.

Overlay image

Showing the Spinning Disk pinholes spacing in standard version (red) and larger spacing (green). Image acquired using a 4.2 Megapixel sCMOS camera

Dual color, dual imaging, still wider

The first confocal unit which allows dual-camera imaging at the maximum field of view of 25 mm on both cameras.

External regulations allow to easily align the second camera with the first one

V3 CrestOptics

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Illumination shaping

A software controlled square iris in front of the spinning disk, with variable aperture, can be used to screen light and preserve the surrounding area of the sample out of the region of interest.


Sealed Spinning disk box

This unique new feature makes the Spinning disk fully isolated and protected from environmental dust and prevents undesired artifacts related to the presence of small dust particles on the Spinning disk surface

Spinning disk synchronization

To manage very high-speed imaging, hundreds of fps, V3 provides as a standard feature a synchronization signal from the spinning disk to the camera.

A good way to make a solid quantitative analysis of very fast dynamics

Technical Features

Spectral range (confocal/widefield): excitation: 400-750 nm; emission: 400-850 nm
Software controlled bypass mode: widefield to confocal
Fastest spinning disk in the market: 15.000 rpm rotation speed for artefact-free high speed acquisitions
Tailor-made spinning disks: 50 um pinholes with two different pinole spacing. High throughput and custom pattern spinning disks available on demand
Exchangeable, synchronized and sealed: the spinning disk box is one of the most versatile features of the new V3. Dust protection and synchronization signals out to the camera make it reliable and faster. Perfect for high speed acquisitions
Lateral Resolution (FWHM): ~230 nm (High NA 1.4) diffraction limited
Axial Resolution (FWHM): ~600 nm (High NA 1.4)
High Confocal Quality: redesigned optical layout optimized to enhance sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio to match the most challenging applications
Ultra-large field of view: up to 25 mm
Dual-camera view: simultaneous dual-camera imaging up to 25 mm
Illumination uniformity: microlenses based illumination for high uniformity across the full field of view
Illumination shaping: preserve your sample. Motorized aperture to cut illumination in the region surrounding the region of interest
Motorized filter wheels and slider: 4-positions cleanup filter wheel, 3-positions dichroic filter wheel, 8-positions emission filter wheel, 3 positions slider for dual camera use

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