SuperResolution, DeepSIM, livingcells

In this joint webinar, we will:

  • SD and SR imaging are two complementary approaches to live cell imaging. Speed, wide field of view, high-resolution and advanced optical sectioning can be combined to achieve meaningful results from complex biological systems.
  • Only properly incubated live samples can guarantee reproducible results: Okolab will present the most suitable hardware and the best environmental conditions to run a spinning disk and super-resolution live imaging experiment.
  • The new SIM lighting discoveries are revolutionizing the old paradigms of super-resolution: DeepSIM guarantees long term-live cell imaging, fast speed acquisition and deep imaging to all researchers.

Kinetix, Z Piezo, Hydra, Zebrafish, Macrophages, Live-imaging, 3D rendering

In this joint webinar, we will:
  • deepen the criticalities of volumetric imaging: what are the mistakes to avoid? How can speed be optimized? What are the best experimental designs to put in place?
  • put these concepts into practice by walking through a complete live cell imaging experimental workflow from sample preparation, high-speed volumetric acquisitions, and image processing.
  • present unpublished acquisitions of live zebrafish embryos: vascular tissue; migration of macrophage cells through the embryo and finally the localization of tumor cells inside the yolk sac.
  • reveal Hydra vulgaris secretory organelle details in high resolution using high magnification objectives.