CrestOptics is a leading company in the development and manufacture of advanced systems for fluorescence microscopy. Thanks to our strength in R&D and engineering, our technology supports the research community and life science industry with highly customized solutions, paying special attention to our customers needs and constantly evolving scientific applications.

Our story

CrestOptics was created in 2011 by Vincenzo Ricco, Andrea Latini, Franco Fazioli and Franco Castelmani with the vision of creating accessible high end solutions for the life science industry based on spinning disk confocal technology. The founders rapidly created a team of physicists, biologists, engineers, designers and highly specialized technicians coming from both the research and the industrial world, establishing the know-how required to build those high end confocal systems that are now essential in the research community for advanced biological discoveries. CrestOptics’ products are supported globally by an experienced network of distributors and integrated as OEM components in prestigious and highly complex equipment.

Since inception CrestOptics has had significant involvement from public and private investment funds which has supported rapid business expansion. In November 2021 Apposite Capital, a specialist international healthcare and life science investor, acquired a majority share holding in CrestOptics in order to partner with the management team and CrestOptics employees to accelerate market penetration globally and launch new products. 

In 2014 CrestOptics established the Joint Lab in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) to develop new diagnostic solutions for a variety of applications. This collaboration is a further demonstration of CrestOptics’ technological and scientific expertise and in October 2021 this venture was spun off into a newly created sister company, D-TAILS, to continue the development of such products in a focused way.



Vincenzo Ricco

CEO D-TAILS, CrestOptics board

Thirty-five years of experience in system design and field tests in Infrared technology and imaging systems. For the last 25 years, he has been on the BOD of several companies manufacturing or selling Electro-Optics products. He played a key role in establishing and guiding research and development projects carried on within the Joint Lab collaboration between CrestOptics and IIT (Italian Institute of Technology). Since October 2021 he is the CEO of D-TAILS, spinoff of CrestOptics dedicated to diagnostics.

Andrea Latini

Andrea Latini

Senior Sales Advisor

A PhD in Physics and a master degree in Physical Chemistry, after few years doing research in Laser Spectroscopy at the University of Roma, he joins Crisel Instruments where, for 15 years, has been responsible for integration and installation of advanced custom spectroscopy systems .

He is in charge of the development of strategic accounts.

Franco Fazioli

Electronics Design Advisor

Twenty-five years of experience in design and production of electronic and electro-optics system for industrial and military applications. Franco has been responsible for integration on Crisel Instruments custom systems and he’s company executive vice president.

He’s member of the committee in charge of new products strategic planning both for CrestOptics and D-TAILS.