Super resolution microscopy that answers the deep biological questions effortlessly

At CrestOptics, we believe that super-resolution should be accessible for all scientists to progress their research. This is the reason we have developed DeepSIM, the first super-resolution module that is compatible with any existing upright or inverted microscope with a camera port. It’s as easy to use as a confocal microscope enabling scientists to access deep data from their biological samples.

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Learn how to evolve your routine microscope to Super-Resolution (SR) effortlessly, reveal sub-organelle structures down to 100 nm, and make SR acquisition deeper than ever before.


Based on a multi-spot structured illumination system, the DeepSIM is a reliable, simple to use and affordable solution to study cellular structures up to an XY resolution of ~100nm.

Super-resolved optical sectioning, with Z resolution up to ~ 300nm, can be obtained using both high (60X – 100X) and low magnification (20x – 40x) objectives to expand the range of applications to include complex 3D models such as tissues, organoids, spheroids and small organisms.

The DeepSIM is designed to work with samples of thicknesses comparable to those used in confocal microscopy, giving super-resolved data over 50µm Z in depth in non-clarified samples.

This means that more meaningful data can be obtained from native heterogeneous complex samples using routine preparation protocols.

DeepSIM enables the effortless study of live-cell dynamics through a temporal resolution greater than 10fps (1024×1024 px FOV), allowing biological changes to be tracked at cellular and subcellular levels.

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Evolution through compatibility

DeepSIM is designed to be a truly enabling technology where performance is combined with the flexibility of a system available either as a super-resolution module combined with CrestOptics X-Light V3 Spinning Disk or as stand-alone equipment.


DeepSIM stand-alone

DeepSim X-Light V3 CrestOptics

DeepSIM X-Light

Technical Features

 DeepSIM stand-aloneDeepSIM X-Light
FOV1024x1024pixel (66×66 µm 100X | 333×333µm 20X)1024x1024pixel (66×66 µm 100X | 333×333µm 20X)
ResolutionLateral Resolution (FWHM): ~100 nm (100X NA 1.45) Axial Resolution (FWHM): ~300 nm (100X NA 1.45)Lateral Resolution (FWHM): ~100 nm (100X NA 1.45) Axial Resolution (FWHM): ~300 nm (100X NA 1.45)
DeepSIM Acquisition speed13fps (1024x1024px)13fps (1024x1024px)
Laser spectral rangeExcitation: 400-750 nm; emission: 400-850 nmExcitation: 400-750 nm; emission: 400-850 nm
Objective specifications-from 20X to 100X magnification range
-high numerical aperture (NA)
-plan apochromat correction
-from 20X to 100X magnification range
-high numerical aperture (NA)
-plan apochromat correction
Camera compatibilityAny triggerable camera having 6.5 µm pixel sizeAny triggerable camera having 6.5 µm pixel size
Multi cameras optionSingle cameraDual camera option available*
Spinning disk upgradeStand-alone solutionAdd-on compatible with CrestOptics X-Light V3
Imaging modalitiesSuper-resolution DeepSIM | WidefieldSuper-resolution DeepSIM | Confocal spinning disk X-light V3 | Widefield
Upgradable microscope configurationUpright and inverted configurationsInverted configuration
SoftwareµManager /VisiView® / NIS ElementsµManager /VisiView® / NIS Elements
Installation ConditionsTemperature 23 ± 5°C, Humidity 70% RH or lessTemperature 23 ± 5°C, Humidity 70% RH or less
Weight50.7 lbs | 23Kg44 lbs | 20Kg
Dimensions13.8 (w) x 20.2 (L) x 11.4 (h) inches
352.0 (w) 514.0 (L) x 290.5 (h) mm
14.0 (w) x 17.1 (L) x 11.4 (h) inches
356.0 (w) x 435.0 (L) x 290.5 (h) mm

*Software integration in progress


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