World Organoid Research Day (online)

The World Organoid Research Day (WORD) is approaching!

CrestOptics is pleased to be part of the WORD conference dedicated to Organoid and Spheroid research. The event has been organized by and is going to be online on the 22nd March 2023. Registration is free via LinkedIn or Zoom platforms. The day will be dedicated to the latest 3D organoid and spheroid discoveries told by leading researchers in the field from around the globe. Moreover, there will be sessions dedicated to technologies and services connected with organoid and spheroid preparation, analysis, and applications.

CrestOptics Imaging Specialist Francesco Bacchi will present our microscopy technologies (X-Light V3 spinning disk and DeepSIM super-resolution systems) and how researchers interested in volumetric and high-quality imaging can benefit from them. The talk will focus on CrestOptics experience with spheroids and organoids, by showing images collected from different biological samples and highlighting the peculiar features of our instruments which allow customer to acquire 3D samples in a fast and detailed mode.

To know more about the event, visit the page World Organoid Research Day: 22nd March 2023!
Do not miss this amazing event!

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