See you at Neuroscience 2022 in San Diego!

The SfN conference will take place in San Diego, CA from November 12–16, 2022. Join us at booth 1217.

Together with the world’s largest organization of scientists and physicians dedicated to understanding the brain and nervous system, CrestOptics is proud to present their products and imaging solutions! Scientists from all over the world gather each year to discover new ideas, share their research, and experience the best of the field. During this event, CrestOptics will present its imaging solutions, network with scientists, provide in-person sessions, and discuss your current and future imaging needs!

We will display our X-Light V3 on an inverted microscope: the first confocal unit to offer dual camera imaging at the full field of view of 25 mm on both cameras. It will work hand in hand with our newest product, the DeepSIM super-resolution module: the first super-resolution module that can be used with any upright or inverted microscope that has a camera port. As easy to use as a confocal microscope, it gives scientists access to super-resolution data from biological samples.

During this event, CrestOptics DeepSIM standalone unit will be displayed on an upright microscope for the very first time. CrestOptics’ DeepSIM is a flexible, modular high-quality imaging system that can be used independently or with CrestOptics’ X-light V3 spinning disk. CrestOptics’ DeepSIM was named by Microscopy Today as a Top 10 Best Microscopy Innovation of 2022 Innovation awards announced at 2022 Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting in Portland,Oregon. Our team at CrestOptics believes that super-resolution should be accessible to all scientists, so we collaborate with industry leaders to bring you the best microscopy solutions.

See you soon!!! 

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