Introducing our new CEO, Renato Giacobbo Scavo, who has already been actively involved in Crestoptics for several years.

Renato has been on the board at Crestoptics since 2013. Initially responsible for the company’s relationships with partners, he then took on responsibilities in corporate development and strategic finance before becoming the CEO this last year. He has over 20 years of experience in private equity and corporate finance and has previously held different management positions including chairman of Aldabra capital.

Vincenzo Ricco, who started the company and still among the major shareholders says: “..CrestOptics has been growing very fast and I believe now is the right time to have some solid management skills driving the company up to the next level, that’s why we all are so pleased Renato accepted the CEO position..”

Renato’s vision for the company is clear, to continually enhance the visualization and imagery of microscopes and to develop instruments using optical technology that allow for a much earlier diagnosis of some types of cancer and neurogenerative diseases than the instruments used today.     

Renato is very satisfied with the results achieved in the last year and in 2021 aims to accelerate product launch processes and speed up time to market. He is also eager to increase product development capabilities by adding new talent to the Crestoptic team.

“I believe Crestoptics brings excellence to the sector of microscopy and diagnostics. I am committed to the long-term growth of this company and am excited for this opportunity to lead Crestoptics into the future”.



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