FOM 2023 in Porto

We have a new story to tell you at Focus on Microscopy | FOM | 2023 conference!

FOM2023 will take place in Porto (Portugal) from April 2nd to 5th 2023. The FOM conference series continues again this year and, as usual, will be about the latest innovations and developments in optical microscopy and about their application in biology, medicine, and material sciences. Participants will be delighted by tutorials, poster presentations, plenary opening sessions with invited speakers.

CrestOptics considers the FOM2023 conference a great opportunity to showcase our advanced microscopy solutions and to network with a highly relevant audience. The conference will bring together experts from academia and industry interested in the latest research and developments in the microscopy field.

In particular, CrestOptics will display the DeepSIM stand-alone super-resolution system on an inverted microscope configuration. DeepSIM is the first super-resolution module that can be used with any upright or inverted microscope that has a camera port. As easy to use as a confocal microscope, it gives scientists access to super-resolution data from biological samples. Moreover, at FOM2023, we will bring you on a new journey along spinning disk confocal microscopy, a reliable technology suitable for high-quality and fast 3D imaging in a wide range of applications. We will be available to provide in-person demo sessions and discuss your current and future imaging needs.

Come to visit us at booth 38/39 and see our microscopy solutions live. To know more about the conference, visit the FOM2023 webpage

Subcellular structures in HeLa cells (Actin-RFP; endosome vesicles-GFP). CrestOptics DeepSIM acquisition. 60x 1.42 NA.
RatBrain cerebellum (NF-L 488, Calbinding 594, GFAP 647, DAPI). CrestOptics confocal spinning disk acquisition. 60X 1.42NA.

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