Crestoptics prioritizes safety by creating new and larger workspaces for employees

In the midst of our current global health crisis, companies have been forced into smart-working. Crestoptics is a fast growing development and manufacturing company, however, that cannot rely solely on smart-working to carry on R&D and production activities. Over the last year the company has expanded, creating larger workspaces to ensure a safe and secure work environment for their employees, implementing all necessary safety measures.

At the same time, as Interaction with customers and Instruments demonstration are essential for CrestOptics core business, a dedicated demo room was setup, allowing to run remote demonstrations and trainings for customers and collaborators all over the world.

The company’s CEO, Renato Giacobbo Scavo says, “The first thing I did was to increase our workspace to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment for our operators and ensure the company’s continued growth during the pandemic”. And the company has continued to grow, as the CEO confirms they are currently searching to add new talent to their team!

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