X-Light NIR

See beyond the visible.
X-Light Infrared confocal system allows you to perform fluorescence imaging in the optical range 700-1600 nm
Infrared microscopy
Optimized spinning disk infrared imaging
Optimized optics infrared imaging


X-Light NIR Confocal Imager offers:

  • Unique spinning disk confocal microscope working in the range 700 nm – 1600 nm
  • New optical system design: diffraction limited over 18 mm field of view in the imaging range 900 nm – 1600 nm
  • Highly optimized AR coatings in the imaging range 800 nm – 1600 nm

Fluorescence microscopy in the near-infrared optical window has become a technique of choice for non-invasive in vivo imaging.
Using the spinning disk in the NIR window shows a ~20% and ~45% enhancement in lateral and axial resolution, respectively, compared to the NIR widefield imaging.

If you want to find more about its potential applications and capability take some time to read the following publication:

Spinning-disc confocal microscopy in the second near-infrared window (NIR-II)
V. Zubkovs, A. Antonucci, N. Schuergers, B. Lambert, A. Latini, R. Ceccarelli, A. Santinelli,
A. Rogov, D. Ciepielewski & A. A. Boghossian
Scientific Reportsvolume 8, Article number: 13770 (2018)

Technical Specifications

Spectral range (confocal/widefield): excitation: 700-1000 nm; emission: 800-1600 nm
Software controlled bypass mode: widefield to confocal
Fastest spinning disk in the market: 15.000 rpm rotation speed for artefact-free high speed acquisitions
Tailor-made spinning disks: single and dual-pattern options available, including spiral patterns for high throughput. Custom pattern spinning disks available on demand
Field of view: 18 mm
Exchangeable, synchronized and sealed: the spinning disk box is one of the most versatile features of the new V3. Dust protection and synchronization signals out to the camera make it reliable and faster. Perfect for high speed acquisitions
Lateral Resolution: ~20% improvement compared to widefield NIR
Axial Resolution (FWHM): ~45% improvement compared to widefield NIR
Filter wheels: 3-positions manual cleanup filter wheel, 5-positions dichroic filter wheel, 8-positions emission filter wheel. Different configurations available on demand


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