Webinar – Maximizing Data Throughput in Spinning Disk Confocal With the Kinetix sCMOS and X-Light V3

In partnership with Teledyne Photometrics

Image courtesy of Emma Sigfridsson, University of Edinburgh

Image courtesy of Christoph Leterrier, INP, Marseille, France

Image courtesy of Bernd Zobiak, UKE, Germany


The new Kinetix sCMOS, live on an X-Light V3 spinning disk confocal system

How the unique specifications of the Kinetix sCMOS allows spinning disk users to image bigger and faster than ever before

How this combination of technologies maximizes data throughput


Why researchers chose the combination of Kinetix sCMOS and X-Light V3 – directly from researchers themselves

How to get the most out of this combination of technologies in a live demonstration

How to choose the right camera for spinning disk confocal microscopy


Dr. Dan Croucher
Marketing Manager
Teledyne Photometrics

Dr. Alessandra Scarpellini
Head of Sales and Marketing

Andrea Santinelli
Head of Technical Support

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