Boosting volumetric acquisitions

In partnership with Mad City Labs Inc. and Teledyne Photometrics

Ultra-Fast volumetric microscopy is essential to examine various biological aspects in their complexity, ranging from whole animal imaging to live phenomena. The maximum achievable acquisition speed is influenced by many factors, mostly related to the sample and to the microscopy setup.

CrestOptics X-Light V3 spinning disk confocal system with the high sensitivity of Kinetix sCMOS (Teledyne Photometrics) camera and the highest disk rotation on the market, offers a perfect solution for this application. Moreover, thanks to the Piezo nano-positioning system by Mad City Labs (MCL; product code: Nano-Z200) this extreme high spatio-temporal resolution can be achieved into thick samples at different depths. Combing and synchronizing these high-end devices we present an advance solution for high-throughput structural imaging.

In this joint webinar, we will:

  • deepen the criticalities of volumetric imaging: what are the mistakes to avoid? How can speed be optimized? What are the best experimental designs to put in place?
  • put these concepts into practice by walking through a complete live cell imaging experimental workflow from sample preparation, high-speed volumetric acquisitions, and image processing.
  • present unpublished acquisitions of live zebrafish embryos: vascular tissue; migration of macrophage cells through the embryo and finally the localization of tumor cells inside the yolk sac.
  • reveal Hydra vulgaris secretory organelle details in high resolution using high magnification objectives.

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