Rsearcher in Optics/Photonics for DMD-Based Wavefront Shaping and Optical Computation

The Group of microscopy and super-resolution in IIT-CLNS, in collaboration with the IIT-CrestOptics Jointlab, is hiring a new PostDoc to kick-off and develop the “DMD-Based Wavefront Shaping and optical Computation” research line.

The project is focused on the realization of a novel hardware for the fast optical tailoring of laser beam that will be then employed for the realization of tailored wavefronts for optical computation and imaging applications.

Analogic optical computation could beat electronics in performance[Ref 1] but lacks in reconfigurability. The candidate will employ a reconfigurable adaptive optical system to tackle different Computational and deconvolution problems. Examples are: simulation of spin glass dynamics [ Ref 2], training of a deep neural network, calculating protein affinity, spinning disk microscopy and super-resolution of biological images.

The researcher will design and realize a novel electronic architecture for the fast control of a digital micromirror device (DMD), collaborating with the IIT Electronics Design Laboratory. Then he will employ the hardware for the quick control of laser wavefront on several experimental apparatus.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate to possess:

  • Strong background in Optics and electronics. Experience in instrument design and synchronization with LabVIEW is welcome
  • Previous experience with, light modulation, wavefront shaping, photodetection and adaptive optics
  • Advanced data analysis capability with MATLAB, Phyton, or similar languages
  • PhD in Physics, or Electrical/Optical Engineering or a related discipline
  • Knowledge, handling of adaptive optical devices, especially Digital Micromirrors Devices
  • Experience in Optical Design and alignment, Geometrical optics, Wave optics and Fourier optics

Workplace: Rome  CLNS@Sapienza, Viale Regina Elena  291.

Contract duration: The base is a 1-year contract renewable for a total duration of up to 6 years of research, with a competitive salary modulated based on the candidate’s experience.


If you are interested, please send your application, including a full CV, to Marco Leonetti (; please quote “Postdoc in Wavefront Shaping and Optical Computation” in the subject line.

Relevant references:

[Ref 1]:  Daniel R. Solli & Bahram Jalali “Analog optical computing” Nature Photonics 9, 704 (2015).

[Ref 2]:  M. Leonetti et al.  “Optical computation of a spin glass dynamics with tunable complexity” PNAS 118 (21) e2015207118 (2021).


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